Run, Fatboy, Run | 2007 | Simon Pegg Thandie Newton

David Schwimmer’s debut directorial feature stars Simon Pegg as Dennis Doyle, seen in the film’s opening sequence abandoning a very pregnant Libby Odell (Thandie Newton) at the altar. Five years later, he’s an overweight security guard with limited access rights to their son Jake (Matthew Fenton), but still holding a torch for her. When he finds she has a new boyfriend, superfit all-round jock Whit (Hank Azaria), he decides to win her back by entering the same charity marathon as Whit and beating him. With coaching from his landlord (Haris Patel) and encouragement of sorts from his friend Gordon (Dylan Moran), he sets off over the start line, but has he prepared enough to make it to the finish?

Simon Pegg as Dennis
Thandie Newton as Libby
Hank Azaria as Whit
Dylan Moran as Gordon
Harish Patel as Mr. Goshdashtidar
India de Beaufort as Maya Goshdashtidar
Matthew Fenton as Jake
Simon Day as Vincent
Ruth Sheen as Claudine
Nevan Finegan as Mickey
Tyrone Huggins as Grover
Iddo Goldberg as News Reporter
Ameet Chana as Taxi Driver
Chris Hollins as Himself
Denis Lewis as Herself
Lorna Gayle as Nurse
Gabriel Fleary as Drag Queen
Pandora Colin as Claire
Stephen Merchant as Man with Broken Leg
David Walliams as Man in Bakery
Hazel Douglas as Older Woman
Anna Tolputt as Receptionist
Simon Lenagan as Undercover Cop / Dad
David Cann as Marathon Official
T.R. Bowen as Doctor
Margaret John as Libby’s Grandmother
Floella Benjamin as Libby’s Mum
David Milner as Libby’s Dad
Henrietta Clemett as Reception Nurse
Peter Serafinowicz as TV Commentator

Director: David Schwimmer
Script: Michael Ian Black, Simon Pegg

UK | 100 minutes | 2007


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