Rope | 1948 | James Stewart, John Dall,

Alfred Hitchcock shot and edited this ground-breaking thriller in a no-cut continuous narrative to emulate the hit stage play upon which it is based. John Dall and Farley Granger play Brandon Shaw and Philip Morgan, two roommates who, convinced of their Nietzschean superiority, murder an old school friend, David Kentley (Dick Hogan). They hide the body in a wooden trunk, which they then use as the table for a cocktail party they are throwing, with their old teacher Rupert Cadell (James Stewart), Kentley’s father Henry (Sir Cedric Hardwicke) and Kentley’s fiancee Janet Walker (Joan Chandler) amongst the guests. As the party proceeds, the murderers’ braggadocio starts to arouse Cadell’s suspicions…

James Stewart as Rupert Cadell
John Dall as Brandon Shaw
Farley Granger as Phillip Morgan
Constance Collier as Mrs. Anita Atwater
Douglas Dick as Kenneth Lawrence
Edith Evanson as Mrs. Wilson
Dick Hogan as David Kentley
Joan Chandler as Janet Walker
Cedric Hardwicke as Mr. Henry Kentley

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Script: Ben Hecht Patrick Hamilton Arthur Laurents Hume Cronyn

US | 81 minutes | 1948


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