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Robot Overlords (Horror Channel / 14 Dec 2020)

Robot Overlords (2015


Robot Overlords (Horror Channel / 14 Dec 2020)

Earth has been conquered by robots from another galaxy and the human survivors must stay in their homes, or risk incineration.


Ben Kingsley (Robin Smythe), Gillian Anderson (Kate), Callan McAuliffe (Sean Flynn), Ella Hunt (Alexandra), Milo Parker (Connor), Geraldine James (Monique), Steven Mackintosh (Danny), Roy Hudd (Morse Code Martin), Michael Stuart (Michael), Mark Asante (VC Member), James Tarpey (Nathan), Tamer Hassan (Wayne), Justin Salinger (Connor’s Dad), Lalor Roddy (Swann), David McSavage (Watchmaker / Donald), Neil Brownlee (Poseidon col. magnum pie), Craig Garner (Mediator 452), Nicholas Farrell (Sentry Robot / Air Drone (voice)), Sonny Green (Hotel Teen), Jonathan McAndrew (VC Teen), James Swain (VC Officer), Abigail Castleton (Tomboy), Jude Wright (Mediator 452 (voice)),


Director: Jon Wright

UK / 90 minutes / 2015


11:00-12:50 Mon 14th Dec 2020 90m
Horror Channel


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