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Rings on Her Fingers (TCF 1942 | Henry Fonda, Gene Tierney)


Rings on Her Fingers (TCF 1942 | Henry Fonda, Gene Tierney)

Henry Fonda and Gene Tierney steal one another’s hearts in a fast and frothy romantic comedy.
Con artists Warren (Cregar) and Mrs Maybelle Worthington (Bylington) enlist socially ambitious sales assistant Susan Miller (Tierney) to help fleece Palm Beach accountant John Wheeler (Fonda) of his life savings, thinking he is a millionaire. But the scam goes wrong when Susan falls in love with her prey, and John turns out to be no soft target.
This was the last movie from Russian-born Hollywood director Rouben Mamoulian’s three picture deal with 20th Century Fox. His first two,The Mark Of Zorro (1940) and Blood And Sand (1941), were tough acts to follow, and Rings On Her Fingers is not quite on a par with these or its main influence, Preston Sturges’ 1941 classic, The Lady Eve (also starring Fonda).
Still, it has more than enough screwball energy, romantic spirit and wisecracking banter to keep you smiling throughout. Fonda (Hollywood’s Mr Sincere) may have hated the script, but his comic timing is spot on, and Miss Tierney makes the screen glow. Few actresses have worn a bathing suit so well.

Although Gene Tierney plays the poor social climber Susan Miller, she attended Swiss finishing school, and her father (a NY financial big wig) set up the Belle-Tier corporation to promote his daughter’s acting career.
Here’s a nice young man. He’s very white – looks as if he’s been inside making money. – Maybelle (Spring Bylington)
Henry Fonda as John Wheeler
Gene Tierney as Susan Miller / Linda Worthington
Laird Cregar as Warren
Shepperd Strudwick as Tod Fenwick
Spring Byington as Mrs. Maybelle Worthington
Frank Orth
Henry Stephenson
Marjorie Gateson
George Lessey
Iris Adrian
Harry Hayden
Gwendolyn Logan
Eric Wilton
William Benedict
Sarah Edwards
Thurston Hall
Clara Blandick
Charles C. Wilson
Edgar Norton
George Lloyd
Kathryn Sheldon
Frank Sully
Mel Ruick
Poppy Wilde as Mannequin
Director: Rouben Mamoulian
Producer: Milton Sperling
Photographer: George Barnes
Composer: Cyril Mockridge
Screenwriter: Ken Englund
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 86 minutes | 1942

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