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Regression | 2015 | Ethan Hawke, Emma Watson

Ethan Hawke, Emma Watson and David Thewlis star in Alejandro Amenábar’s psychological thriller. In Minnesota in 1990, car mechanic John Gray (David Dencik) is called to the police station to answer allegations of sexual abuse against his 17-year-old daughter Angela (Watson). He says that, while he doesn’t remember anything about it, he is certain his daughter never lies – and therefore he must be guilty.

The investigating detective Bruce Kenner (Hawke) asks psychology professor Kenneth Raines (Thewlis) to assist them, using regression therapy to take Gray back to the time of the alleged incident. Gray visualises himself taking pictures of Angela being tied down and subjected to a Satanic sexual ritual by detective George Nesbitt (Aaron Ashmore). When Kenner and Raines question Angela, she confirms that she’s been abused by a Satanic cult. As the case progresses, Raines and Kenner uncover ever more suspects – and also begin to fear their lives are in danger.

Ethan Hawke as Bruce Kenner
Emma Watson as Angela Gray
David Thewlis as Professor Kenneth Raines
Lothaire Bluteau as Reverend Murray
Dale Dickey as Rose Gray
David Dencik as John Gray
Devon Bostick as Roy Gray
Aaron Ashmore as George Nesbitt
Peter MacNeill as Cleveland
Adam Butcher as Brody
Jacob Neayem as Charlie Klemme
Aaron Abrams as Farrell
Catherine Disher as Kate
Julian Richings as Tom
Kristian Bruun as Andrew
Wendy Lyon as Norma
Maura Grierson as TV Reporter
Patrick Garrow as TV Presenter
Janet Porter as S. Cooper
Deborah Grover as Old Woman
Lenno Britos as Driver
Pamela MacDonald as Woman with Grocery Cart
Goran Stjepanovic as Satanist
James Preston Rogers as Satanist
Heather Lapine as Satanist
Adrian Griffin as Doctor
Stephen Hughes as TV Voice Over (voice)
Vanessa Spencer as Satanist (uncredited)
Noah Segura as Reverend Simmons (uncredited)
Attila Sebesy as Cult Member (uncredited)
Alli McLaren as Girl (uncredited)
Mackenzie Kerfoot as Praying Girl (uncredited)

Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Script: Alejandro Amenábar

Canada – Spain | 106 minutes | 2015

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