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Red River | 1948 | John Wayne, Montgomery Clift


Red River | 1948 | John Wayne, Montgomery Clift

Headstrong Thomas Dunson starts a thriving Texas cattle ranch with the help of his faithful trail hand, Groot, and his protégé, Matthew Garth, an orphan Dunson took under his wing when Matt was a boy. In need of money following the Civil War, Dunson and Matt lead a cattle drive to Missouri, where they will get a better price than locally, but the crotchety older man and his willful young partner begin to butt heads on the exhausting journey.

John Wayne as Thomas Dunson
Montgomery Clift as Matthew Garth
Joanne Dru as Tess Millay
Walter Brennan as ‘Groot’ Nadine
Coleen Gray as Fen
Harry Carey as Mr. Melville
John Ireland as Cherry Valance
Noah Beery Jr. as Buster McGee
Harry Carey, Jr. as Dan Latimer
Chief Yowlachie as Quo
Paul Fix as Teeler Yacey
Hank Worden as Simms Reeves
Mickey Kuhn as Matt, as a boy
Ray Hyke as Walt Jergens
Hal Taliaferro as Old Leather
Shelley Winters as Dance Hall Girl in Wagon Train (uncredited)
Lane Chandler as Colonel (uncredited)
Davison Clark as Mr. Meeker (uncredited)
Harry Cording as Gambler (uncredited)
Richard Farnsworth as Dunston Rider (uncredited)
Paul Fierro as Fernandez (uncredited)
George Lloyd as Rider with Melville (uncredited)
Pierce Lyden as Colonel’s Trail Boss (uncredited)
Frank Meredith as Train Engineer (uncredited)
John Merton as Settler (uncredited) (uncredited)
Jack Montgomery as Drover at Meeting (uncredited)
Ivan Parry as Bunk Kenneally (uncredited)
Lee Phelps as Gambler (uncredited)
John Rice as Drover at Meeting (uncredited)
William Self as Sutter (uncredited)
Carl Sepulveda as Cowhand (uncredited)
Ray Spiker as Wagon Train Member (uncredited)
Glenn Strange as Naylor (uncredited)
Tom Tyler as Quitter (uncredited)
Dan White as Laredo (uncredited)
Guy Wilkerson as Pete (uncredited)
Director: Howard Hawks
US | 133 minutes | 1948

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