Railroaded! | 1947 | John Ireland, Sheila Ryan

Anthony Mann’s tough crime drama stars Jane Randolph as Clara Calhoun, a beautician dating Duke Martin (John Ireland), a psychopathic mobster who perfume-scents the bullets with which he dispatches his victims. Together they hatch a plan to rob the betting operation that’s run from the back room of her business premises.

It should be the easiest of crimes but, of course, it goes horribly wrong. The aftermath results in the death of a cop and the railroading (conviction on flimsy evidence) of an innocent bystander (Ed Kelly). As time passes, homicide detective Mickey Ferguson (Hugh Beaumont) begins to suspect that all is not as it seems, and starts to dig deeper into the case. But can he solve it before the ruthless Duke Martin once again reaches for the eau de cologne?

John Ireland as Duke Martin
Sheila Ryan as Rosie Ryan
Hugh Beaumont as Police Sgt. Mickey Ferguson
Jane Randolph as Clara Calhoun
Ed Kelly as Steve Ryan
Charles D. Brown as Police Capt. MacTaggart
Clancy Cooper as Detective Jim Chubb
Peggy Converse as Marie Weston
Hermine Sterler as Mrs. Ryan
Keefe Brasselle as Cowie Kowalski
Roy Gordon as Jackland Ainsworth
Ellen Corby as Mrs. Wills (uncredited)

Director: Anthony Mann
Script: John C. Higgins Gertrude Walker Stewart Stern

USA | 72 minutes | 1947


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