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Queen Bee (1955, Joan Crawford, Barry Sullivan)

Queen Bee (1955


Queen Bee (1955, Joan Crawford, Barry Sullivan)

Here’s another trademark, hard-as-nails performance from Joan Crawford as a southern grande dame whose insidious scheming dominates her household. She drives her husband (Barry Sullivan) to drink, and she breaks up her sister-in-law’s (Betsy Palmer) impending marriage to the estate’s caretaker (Ireland), with whom Crawford had a longtime affair, driving Palmer to suicide. After Sullivan finds Lucy Marlow sympathetic, John Ireland arranges Crawford’s death to stop her meddling.

Joan Crawford and Barry Sullivan also costarred in the first television program directed by the young Steven Spielberg, the ‘Eyes’ segment of Night Gallery (1969).

Academy Award Nominations: Best Cinematography; Best Costume Design.


Joan Crawford (Eva Phillips), Barry Sullivan (Avery “Beauty” Phillips), John Ireland (Judson Prentiss), Lucy Marlow (Jennifer Stewart), Betsy Palmer (Carol Lee Phillips), William Leslie (Ty McKinnon), Fay Wray (Sue McKinnon), Katherine Anderson (Miss Breen), Tim Hovey (Ted Phillips), Linda Bennett (Trissa Phillips), Willa Pearl Curtis (Miss George), Bill Walker (Sam), Olan Soule (Dr. Pearson),


Director: Ranald MacDougall
Director: Ranald MacDougall
Producer: Jerry Wald
Director of Photography: Charles Lang Jr.
Editing: Viola Lawrence
Music:George Duning
Script: Ranald MacDougall
Costume Designer Jean Louis
Art Direction: Ross Bellah

USA / Columbia / 95 minutes / 1955


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