Veteran director Henry Hathaway’s Arthurian adventure is based on the popular newspaper cartoon strip by Hal Foster. Robert Wagner plays the eponymous prince, a Viking invited to join King Arthur’s court. But the evil Sir Brack (James Mason) plans to oust the king and then invade Valiant’s Scandanavian home; only Valiant can stop him. Janet Leigh and Debra Paget play the respective love interests of both parties and, with much of the film being shot in Britain rather than on a Hollywood back-lot, viewers can enjoy identifying the castles and locations that form a backdrop to the rousing action.

Cast:James Mason (Sir Brack), Janet Leigh (Princess Aleta), Robert Wagner (Prince Valiant), Debra Paget (Ilene), Sterling Hayden (Sir Gawain), Victor McLaglen (Boltar), Donald Crisp (King Aguar), Brian Aherne (King Arthur), Barry Jones (King Luke), Mary Philips (Queen), Howard Wendell (Morgan Todd), Tom Conway (Sir Kay), Sammy Ogg (Small Page (uncredited)),

Director: Henry Hathaway

US / 100 minutes / 1954