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Playing by Heart | 1998 | Angelina Jolie, Sean Connery


Playing by Heart | 1998 | Angelina Jolie, Sean Connery

A comedy-drama about romance, sex and lust seen through six loosely connected stories. Burstyn and Mohr are a mother and son having to deal with his imminent death through Aids. Quaid is a philanderer; Connery and Rowlands are a married couple faced with a years-old secret being revealed; Anderson is a lonely woman looking for love; Jolie is a nihilistic youngster in search of a boyfriend; and Stowe is a rampantly adulterous wife. It’s a joy to see Connery and Rowlands playing against each other but, surprisingly, Jolie wins the acting honours: she’s all fragility and nervous energy covered by brashness.

Gillian Anderson as Meredith
Ellen Burstyn as Mildred
Angelina Jolie as Joan
Ryan Phillippe as Keenan
Sean Connery as Paul
Gena Rowlands as Hannah
Anthony Edwards as Roger
Jay Mohr as Mark
Dennis Quaid as Hugh
Jon Stewart as Trent
Madeleine Stowe as Gracie
April Grace as Valery
Patricia Clarkson as Allison
Christian Mills as Phillip
Kellie Waymire as Jane
Tim Halligan as Cook Show Director
Michael Emerson as Bosco
John Patrick White as Pete
Amanda Peet as Amber
David Ferguson as Drag Queen
Joel McCrary as Drag Bar Bartender
Alec Mapa as Lana
Worthie Meacham as Second Drag Queen
Michael B. Silver as Max
Nastassja Kinski as The Lawyer
Hilary Duff as Extra
Writer and Director: Willard Carroll
Producers: Willard Carroll, Meg Liberman, Tom Wilhite
Photographer: Vilmos Zsigmond
USA | 121 minutes | 1998

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