Pickup on South Street | 1953 | Richard Widmark, Jean Peters

Pickpocket Skip McCoy (Richard Widmark) accidentally becomes embroiled in a Cold War plot when he steals the wrong handbag. Candy (Jean Peters) thought she was delivering confidential information for her boss (Richard Kiley), but the information was, in fact, government secrets that he, a communist spy, was sending to his masters.

Now Candy must track down McCoy while, unknown to her, also becoming a target of the FBI. Made at the height of the Cold War, Sam Fuller’s film works both as a tough thriller and as a fascinating insight into America’s preoccupation with communism and the Soviet menace.

Richard Widmark as Skip McCoy
Jean Peters as Candy
Thelma Ritter as Moe Williams
Murvyn Vye as Captain Dan Tiger
Richard Kiley as Joey
Willis Bouchey as Zara
Milburn Stone as Detective Winoki

Director: Samuel Fuller
Script: Samuel Fuller, Dwight Taylor

USA | 80 minutes | 1953


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