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Picture of Peggy Cummins.


Peggy Cummins

Peggy Cummins was a Welsh-born Irish actress, best known for her performance in Joseph H. Lewis’s Gun Crazy, playing a trigger-happy femme fatale, who robs banks with her lover, played by John Dall.

Born: Born: Dec 18, 1925 In Prestatyn, North Wales


1963: The Human Jungle
1962: In the Doghouse
1960: Your Money or Your Wife
1960: Dentist in the Chair
1959: The Captain’s Table
1957: Carry on Admiral
1957: Night of the Demon
1957: Hell Drivers
1956: The March Hare
1954: The Love Lottery
1954: To Dorothy, a Son
1953: Always a Bride
1953: Street Corner
1953: Meet Mr Lucifer
1952: Who Goes There!
1950: Gun Crazy
1950: My Daughter Joy
1949: That Dangerous Age
1948: Escape
1948: Green Grass of Wyoming
1947: The Late George Apley
1947: Moss Rose
1944: Welcome, Mr Washington
1944: English Without Tears
1943: Old Mother Riley Detective
1942: Salute John Citizen
1940: Dr. O’Dowd

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