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Otto Kruger

Picture of Otto Kruger.

Otto Kruger (1885–1974) was an American actor who began his career in 1915. His career was most prolific during the 1930s and 1940s.

Birth Place: Toledo, Ohio, USA on 1885-09-06
Known For: Acting

Escape in the Fog
A military nurse recovering at an inn from a nervous breakdown keeps having dreams where she sees two men trying to murder a third. When she meets a man who is a federal agent at the inn, she is astounded to discover that he is the man in her dream who is the intended murder victim.
Release Date: 1945-04-05
Role: Paul Devon

The Women in His Life
An immensely successful criminal lawyer is blindsided when he learns that his new case involves his ex-wife, who left him.
Release Date: 1933-12-08
Role: Kent ‘Barry’ Barringer

Counsel for Crime
Otto Kruger once again plays a dynamic, bombastic attorney in Columbia’s Counsel for Crime. Kruger plays William Mellon, a shifty shyster whose underhanded methods loses him the love of his sweetheart Anne (Nana Bryant), who subsequently marries a powerful senator (Thurston Hall). What Mellon doesn’t know is that Anne has borne him a son, whom the senator has adopted. Reaching adulthood, Paul (Douglass Montgomery) opts for a legal career himself, taking a clerical job with his own father’s firm. In typical “B”-picture, Mellon is charged with murdering one of his more odious clients — and Paul is appointed prosecuting attorney in the case.
Release Date: 1937-10-14
Role: William Mellon

Scandal Sheet
The crimes of a tabloid publisher (Otto Kruger) are exposed by a reporter (Edward Norris), his secret illegitimate son.
Release Date: 1939-10-16
Role: Jim Stevenson

The Big Boss
Why did the Governor want to resign?
Release Date: 1941-04-28
Role: Jim Maloney


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