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Orders Are Orders (Talking Pictures TV / 17 Dec 2020)

Orders Are Orders (1954


Orders Are Orders (Talking Pictures TV / 17 Dec 2020)

Movie company wants to shoot a science-fiction film using an Army barracks as location, and its soldiers as actors. Of course, the Commander doesn’t like it a bit, and persuades the crew to use a nearby haunted house instead.


Brian Reece (Capt. Bill Harper), Margot Grahame (Wanda Sinclair), Raymond Huntley (Col. Fred Bellamy), Sid James (Ed Waggermeyer), Tony Hancock (Lt. Wilfred Cartroad), Peter Sellers (Pvt. Goffin), Clive Morton (Gen. Sir Cuthbert Grahame-Foxe), June Thorburn (Veronica Bellamy), Maureen Swanson (Joanne Delamere), Peter Martyn (Lt. John Broke), Bill Fraser (Pvt. Slee), Edward Lexy (Capt. Ledger), Barry MacKay (R.S.M. Benson), Donald Pleasence (Cpl. Martin (as Donald Plesance)), Eric Sykes (Pvt. Waterhouse), Michael Trubshawe (A.D.C.), Maureen Pryor (Miss Marigold), Donald Hewlett (Lincoln Green), Reginald Hearne (Sgt. Spurway),


Director: David Paltenghi

UK / 78 minutes / 1954


00:35-02:10 Thu 17th Dec 2020
Talking Pictures TV


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