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Operation Petticoat | 1959 | Cary Grant, Tony Curtis


Operation Petticoat | 1959 | Cary Grant, Tony Curtis

Cary Grant and Tony Curtis star in this Oscar-nominated WWII comedy with Grant as the commander of a crippled submarine that’s returned to operational duties by the skills and scrounging of junior officer Lt Nicholas Holden (Curtis). Leaving the Philippines days ahead of the invading Japanese and with the submarine painted bright pink (don’t ask) and now home to five stranded army nurses plus Filipino refugees, they must evade both the Japanese and their own Navy, who have no record of a pink submarine.

Blake Edwards’ film is a fun take on the Pacific conflict with the highlight the torpedoing of a truck rather than a tanker. Oddly enough, there was a pink sub in the Pacific early in the war for the reasons outlined in the film.

Cary Grant as Lt. Cmdr. Matt T. Sherman
Tony Curtis as Lt. (j.g.) Nicholas Holden
Joan O’Brien as Lt. Dolores Crandall, RN
Dina Merrill as Lt. Barbara Duran, RN
Gene Evans as Chief Molumphry
Dick Sargent as Ens. Stovall
Virginia Gregg as Maj. Edna Heywood RN
Robert F. Simon as Capt. J.B. Henderson
Robert Gist as Lt. Watson
Gavin MacLeod as Ernest Hunkle
George Dunn as The Prophet
Dick Crockett as Harmon
Madlyn Rhue as Lt. Reid RN
Marion Ross as Lt. Colfax RN
Clarence Lung as Sgt. Ramon Gillardo
Frankie Darro as Pharmacist Mate Dooley
Tony Pastor, Jr. as Fox
Robert F. Hoy as Reiner
Nicky Blair as Seaman Kraus
John W. Morley as Williams
Arthur O’Connell as Chief Mechinist’s Mate Sam Tostin

Director: Blake Edwards
Script: Stanley Shapiro, Maurice Richlin, Paul King, Joseph Stone

USA | 124 minutes | 1959

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