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Now and Forever (TPTV / 14 Dec 2020)

Now and Forever (1956


Now and Forever (TPTV / 14 Dec 2020)

A rich young society girl falls in love with a car mechanic. Her family is appalled and stops her seeing him. The girl attempts to commit suicide and then decides to elope.


Janette Scott (Janette Grant), Vernon Gray (Mike Pritchard), Jack Warner (Mr. J. Pritchard), Kay Walsh (Miss Muir), Charles Victor (Farmer Gilbert), Marjorie Rhodes (Farmer’s Wife Aggie), Pamela Brown (Mrs. Grant), David Kossoff (Pawnbroker), Hattie Jacques (Woman In Car), Ronald Squire (Waiter), Wilfrid Lawson (Gossage), Sonia Dresdel (Miss Fox), Moultrie Kelsall (Doctor), Guy Middleton (Hector), Michael Pertwee (Reporter), Henry Hewitt (Jeweller), Bryan Forbes (Frisby), Harold Goodwin (Lorry Driver),


Director: Mario Zampi

UK / 90 minutes / 1956


16:15-18:00 Mon 14th Dec 2020 90m
Talking Pictures TV


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