Nothing But the Night (1973 | Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing)

When the trustees of an orphanage start dying at an alarming rate, Colonel Charles Bingham (Lee) investigates to find a supernatural conspiracy: a cult striving to inhabit the bodies of children in a desire for immortality. A flawed but interesting attempt to have horror film taken seriously, with raised production values that allude to the New Wave, but with a messy plot and a confused script that root it in the Hammer school of gory fantasy. Lee had a hand in the production and is quite compelling, but his supporting cast are sadly underused.
Christopher Lee as Col. Charles Bingham
Peter Cushing as Sir Mark Ashley
Diana Dors as Anna Harb
Georgia Brown as Joan Foster
Keith Barron as Dr. Haynes
Gwyneth Strong as Mary Valley
Fulton Mackay as Cameron
Michael Gambon as Insp. Grant
Duncan Lamont as Dr. Knight
Kathleen Byron as Dr. Rose
John Robinson as Lord Fawnlee
Morris Perry as Dr Yeats
Shelagh Fraser as Mrs Alison
Andrew McCulloch as Malcolm
Paul Humpoletz as Angus
Stanley Lebor as Policeman
Beatrice Kane as Helen Van Traylen
Janet Bruce as Naureen Stokes
Geoffrey Denton as Paul Anderson
Producer: Anthony Nelson Keys
Writer: Brian Hayles
Photographer: Kenneth Talbot
UK | 90 minutes | 1973