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Night Train to Munich (Gainsborough Pictures, Margaret Lockwood, Rex Harrison)

Night Train to Munich: Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat’s lively screenplay contributed much to the success of Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes, and they came up trumps a couple of years later with a variation on that comedy thriller, even giving the cricket obsessed Charters and Caldicott another innings and Margaret Lockwood another star role.

Carol Reed’s direction lacks the light touch, but he makes good use of the train, and there’s an exciting climax set in a cable car. The suave hero is Rex Harrison, posing as a German to outwit the Nazi agent (Henreid) on the track of a Czech inventor and his daughter.

Margaret Lockwood Anna Bomasch
Rex Harrison Gus Bennett
Paul Henreid Karl Marsen
Basil Radford Charters
Naunton Wayne Caldicott
James Harcourt Axel Bomasch
Felix Aylmer Dr. Fredericks
Wyndham Goldie Dryton
Roland Culver Roberts
Eliot Makeham Schwab
Raymond Huntley Kampenfeldt

Music Director Louis Levy
Screenplay Sidney Gilliat
Screenplay Frank Launder
Producer Edward Black
Editor R. E. Dearing
Sound Recordist Sydney Wiles
Director Carol Reed
Director of Photography Otto Kanturek
Production Manager Maurice Ostrer
Sound Supervisor B. C. Sewell
Novel Gordon Wellesley

United Kingdom / Gainsborough Pictures / 96 minutes / Released 1940-08-31

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