This allegory of Great Britain as a run-down hospital worked better on stage because Nichols – who adapted his own play for this film – was not able to think in cinematic terms, nor is it directed with much flair. However, despite these flaws, there is still much to enjoy in the performances and some good dialogue. The action takes place in a London hospital ward, the reality of which is interrupted by a parody of idealized television hospital soap operas. Dale, familiar from the Carry On films, is amusing as an orderly who comes up with a constant stream of jokes, and Sinden, who appeared in the Doctor film series, plays a medic.
Lynn Redgrave as Nurse Sweet / Nurse Betty Martin
Eleanor Bron as Mr. Carr / Senior Surgeon Boyd
Jim Dale as Barnet / Dr. Neil Boyd
Donald Sinden as Mr. Carr / Senior Surgeon Boyd
Mervyn Johns
Bob Hoskins as Foster
Colin Blakely as Edward Loach
Sheila Scott-Wilkenson as Nurse Powell / Cleo Norton
Neville Aurelius
Gillian Barge
George Browne
James Hazeldine
Patience Collier
Clive Swift
Maureen Pryor
Director: Jack Gold
Producers: Terry Glinwood, Ned Sherrin
Writer: Peter Nichols
Photographer: John Coquillon
UK | 98 minutes | 1973