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Nashville (David Arkin, Barbara Baxley)

Image from Nashville

Nashville: The intersecting stories of twenty-four characters—from country star to wannabe to reporter to waitress— connect to the music business in Nashville, Tennessee.

David Arkin Norman
Barbara Baxley Lady Pearl
Ned Beatty Delbert Reese
Karen Black Connie White
Ronee Blakley Barbara Jean
Timothy Brown Tommy Brown
Keith Carradine Tom Frank
Geraldine Chaplin Opal
Robert DoQui Wade Cooley
Shelley Duvall Marthe aka “L. A. Joan”
Allen Garfield Barnett
Henry Gibson Haven Hamilton
Scott Glenn Pfc. Glenn Kelly
Jeff Goldblum Tricycle Man
Barbara Harris Albuquerque

Executive Producer Jerry Weintraub
Music Gary Busey
Editor Sidney Levin
Sound Re-Recording Mixer Richard Portman
Sound Editor William A. Sawyer
Music Ronee Blakley
Music Karen Black
Director Robert Altman
Producer Robert Altman
Producer Scott Bushnell
Production Assistant Stephen Altman
Screenplay Joan Tewkesbury
Producer Robert Eggenweiler
Executive Producer Martin Starger
Music Arlene Barnett

United States of America / Paramount / 160 minutes / Released 1975-06-11

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