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Monkey Business | 1952 | Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers

Director Howard Hawks and Cary Grant reunited after Bringing Up Baby and I Was a Male War Bride for this screwball comedy. Grant plays Dr Barnaby Fulton, who’s searching for the elixir of youth. But when one of the lab monkeys escapes and mixes up some chemicals in the water cooler, the fun begins as Fulton regresses to his teen years, to the bemusement of his secretary Lois Laurel (Marilyn Monroe). Soon, he’s flirting with her. His wife Edwina (Ginger Rogers) is understandably upset, until she also takes a drink and becomes just as juvenile…

Cary Grant as Dr. Barnaby Fulton
Ginger Rogers as Mrs. Edwina Fulton
Charles Coburn as Mr. Oliver Oxley
Marilyn Monroe as Miss Lois Laurel
Hugh Marlowe as Hank Entwhistle
Henri Letondal as Dr. Jerome Kitzel
Robert Cornthwaite as Dr. Zoldeck
Larry Keating as G.J. Culverly
Kathleen Freeman as Mrs. Brannigan, Neighbor (uncredited)
Douglas Spencer as Dr. Brunner
Esther Dale as Mrs. Rhinelander
George Winslow as Little Indian

Director: Howard Hawks
Script: Ben Hecht, Charles Lederer, I. A. L. Diamond, Harry Segall

USA | 97 minutes | 1952

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