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Meet Dave | 2008 | Eddie Murphy Elizabeth Banks

Director Brian Robbins’ sci-fi comedy stars Eddie Murphy as both a man-sized humanoid spaceship and the diminutive captain of the same vessel. When a piece of extraterrestrial technology crash-lands in young Josh Morrison’s (Austyn Myers) bedroom, he initially thinks it’s a meteorite. But it’s actually an alien device designed to drain the Earth’s oceans and save its home planet from salt-depleted doom. And when it fails its mission, a team of 100 tiny aliens are sent to complete the job, arriving amid a fireball on Liberty Island.
Tenacious cop Officer Dooley (Scott Caan) is soon on their trail, while the alien crew start to mutiny over their plans to totally dehydrate Earth when they discover that the locals are much less primitive than they’d expected.

Eddie Murphy as Dave Ming Chang
Elizabeth Banks as Gina Morrison
Gabrielle Union as No. 3 – Cultural Officer
Scott Caan as Dooley
Ed Helms as No. 2 – Second-in-Command
Kevin Hart as No. 17
Pat Kilbane as No. 4 – Security Officer
Judah Friedlander as Engineer
Marc Blucas as Mark
Jim Turner as Doctor
Austyn Myers as Josh Morrison
Mario Loya as Old Navy Customer
Mike O’Malley as Knox
Allisyn Ashley Arm as Nerdy Girl
Alisan Porter as A Chorus Line Dancer
Christina Wun as Medical Facility Girl (uncredited)
Thomas Langston as Little Boy At Park
Director: Brian Robbins
USA | 90 minutes | 2008

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