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Marked Woman | 1937 | Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart


Marked Woman | 1937 | Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart

This was Davis’s first movie for Warner Bros after she had sued the studio in a landmark court case. Although it’s not a great movie, she gives the role of the hostess in a nightclub her considerable all. The gangster drama was loosely based on the story of Lucky Luciano, who was convicted of running prostitution rackets in a sensational trial in 1936 in which over more than ‘hostesses’ gave evidence. Although the film modifies the story, it works well thanks to Bette’s performance and Bogart as the prosecutor. Bacon directs efficiently, with an uncredited Michael Curtiz taking over for some of the shoot.

Bette Davis as Mary Dwight Strauber
Humphrey Bogart as David Graham
Lola Lane as Dorothy ‘Gabby’ Marvin
Isabel Jewell as Emmy Lou Eagan
Rosalind Marquis as Florrie Liggett
Mayo Methot as Estelle Porter
Jane Bryan as Betty Strauber
Allen Jenkins as Louie
Eduardo Ciannelli as Johnny Vanning
John Litel as Gordon
Ben Welden as Charlie Delaney
Damian O’Flynn as Ralph Krawford
Henry O’Neill as District Attorney Arthur Sheldon
Raymond Hatton as Vanning’s Lawyer
Carlos San Martín as Head Waiter
William B. Davidson as Bob Crandall
Kenneth Harlan as Eddie, a Sugar Daddy
Robert Strange as George Beler
Archie Robbins as Bell Captain
Arthur Aylesworth as Mr. Truble
John Sheehan as Vincent
Sam Wren as Mac
Edwin Stanley as Det. Casey
Edwin August as Juror (uncredited)
Frank Faylen as 2nd Cabbie (uncredited)
Mark Strong as Bartender (uncredited)
Jack Norton as Drunk (uncredited)
Jimmy Aye as Gangster (uncredited)
Harlan Briggs as Sad Man with Emmy Lou in Nightclub (uncredited)
Frank Bruno as Henchman (uncredited)
Jack Byron as Croupier (uncredited)
Noble Chissell as Courtroom Reporter (uncredited)
Tom Coleman as Plainclothesman (uncredited)
James Conaty as Graham’s Trial Assistant (uncredited)
Alan Davis as Henchman (uncredited)
Ralph Dunn as 1st Court Clerk (uncredited)
Charles K. French as Graham’s Trial Assistant (uncredited)
John Harron as 1st Cabbie (uncredited)
Gordon Hart as 1st Judge (uncredited)
Lew Harvey as 2nd Court Clerk (uncredited)
Harry Hayden as Man Bringing Graham Coroner’s Report (uncredited)
Al Herman as Betty’s $100 Cabbie (uncredited)
Lew Hicks as Bailiff (uncredited)
Max Hoffman Jr. as 3rd Reporter (uncredited) (voice)
Harry Hollingsworth as Doorman (uncredited)
Milton Kibbee as Smith (uncredited)
Mike Lally as Photographer (uncredited)
Ethelreda Leopold as Dancing Club Patron (uncredited)
Theodore Lorch as 2nd Juror #2 (uncredited)
Wilfred Lucas as 1st Jury Foreman (uncredited)
Herman Marks as Little Joe Dinero (uncredited)
Miriam Marlin as Party Guest (uncredited)
Alphonse Martell as Club Intimate Doorman (uncredited)
Allen Mathews as Henchman (uncredited)
Frank McLure as Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Harold Miller as Dancing Club Patron (uncredited)
Carlyle Moore Jr. as Elevator Operator (uncredited)
Lyle Moraine as 1st Reporter (uncredited) (voice)
Robert Morgan as Reporter (uncredited)
Jack Mower as 2nd Jury Foreman (uncredited)
Wendell Niles as Radio News Commentator (uncredited) (voice)
Paul Panzer as Club Piano-Mover (uncredited)
Alexander Pollard as Bartender (uncredited)
Bob Reeves as Club Intimate Patron / Courtroom Cop (uncredited)
John J. Richardson as Man in Line-Up (uncredited)
Ronald R. Rondell as Dancing Club Patron (uncredited)
Milton Royce as Café Patron (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre as Grahams Trial Assistant (uncredited)
Scott Seaton as Gambler (uncredited)
Charles Sherlock as Man Next to Little Joe (uncredited)
Philip Sleeman as Croupier (uncredited)
Larry Steers as Party Guest (uncredited)
Eddie Sturgis as 2nd Juror #3 (uncredited)
Leo Sulky as Bartender (uncredited)
Dorothy Tree as Woman in Raid (uncredited)
Guy Usher as Det. Ferguson (uncredited)
Emmett Vogan as 2nd Court Clerk (uncredited)
Pierre Watkin as 2nd Judge (uncredited)
Billy Wayne as 2nd Reporter (uncredited) (voice)
Leo White as Waiter (uncredited)
Norman Willis as Henchman (uncredited)
Director: Michael Curtiz
Lloyd Bacon
USA | 96 minutes | 1937

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