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Maid in Manhattan | 2002 | Jennifer Lopez, Ralph Fiennes

Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes star in director Wayne Wang’s modern-day interpretation of Cinderella. Single parent Marisa Ventura (Lopez) works in an upmarket New York hotel where a swanky event is taking place. When one of the guests (Natasha Richardson) asks her to return a beautiful freebie dress, Marisa can’t resist trying it on. And that’s when she bumps into rising politico Christopher Marshall (Fiennes), who is clearly smitten. Based on her appearance, he assumes that she’s a socialite, but will he still be as attracted to her if he discovers that she’s a maid?

Jennifer Lopez as Marisa Ventura
Ralph Fiennes as Christopher “Chris” Marshall
Natasha Richardson as Caroline Lane
Stanley Tucci as Jerry Siegel
Tyler Posey as Ty Ventura
Frances Conroy as Paula Burns
Chris Eigeman as John Bextrum
Marissa Matrone as Stephanie Kehoe
Amy Sedaris as Rachel Hoffberg
Priscilla Lopez as Veronica Ventura
Bob Hoskins as Lionel Bloch
Lisa Roberts Gillan as Cora
Maddie Corman as Leezette
Sharon Wilkins as Clarice
Jayne Houdyshell as Carmen
Marilyn Torres as Barb
Lou Ferguson as Keef Townsend
Di Quon as Lily Kim
Director: Wayne Wang
USA | 105 minutes | 2002

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