Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing | 1955 | William Holden, Jennifer Jones

Tensions mount in Henry King’s romantic weepy, set in late 1940s Hong Kong, as refugees pour in from Communist China. So, when married American journalist Mark Elliot (William Holden) falls in love with widowed Eurasian doctor Han Suyin (Jennifer Jones), the chances of their relationship working is not good; they come under intense pressure to end their affair from English socialite Mrs Palmer-Jones (Isobel Elsom), Suyin’s communist colleague Dr Sen (Kam Tong) and the city’s vicious gossip-mongers.

William Holden as Mark Elliott
Jennifer Jones as Dr. Han Suyin
Torin Thatcher as Humphrey Palmer-Jones
Isobel Elsom as Adeline Palmer-Jones
Murray Matheson as Dr. John Keith
Virginia Gregg as Anne Richards
Richard Loo as Robert Hung
Soo Yong as Nora Hung
Philip Ahn as Third Uncle
Jorja Curtright as Suzanne
Donna Martell as Suchen, Suyin’s sister
James Hong as Fifth Brother
Keye Luke as Lee Foo
Marie Tsien as Rosie Wu

Director: Henry King
Script: John Patrick, Han Suyin

US | 102 minutes | 1955


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