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Local Hero | 1983 | Burt Lancaster and Peter Riegert


Local Hero | 1983 | Burt Lancaster and Peter Riegert

The finest of the whimsical Scottish films whose off-beat appeal kick-started the British film industry’s revival in the mid 1980s
Riegert plays a cynical, yuppy oil-firm executive waiting to be softened up by exposure to the warmth and eccentricities of a small Scottish community. He is dispatched to the coastal town by his greedy boss (Lancaster), with the aim of buying up land for commercial exploitation, so destroying an area that includes a stretch of environmentally sensitive coastland.
Almost at once the place, with all its quirky inhabitants and stark beauty, begins to work its magic on not only the young man but also his boss when he in turn shows up in town.
After the cult success of That Sinking Feeling and the international hit of Gregory’s Girl, Forsythe revives the spirit of the great Ealing comedies, with particular reference to Whisky Galore! He serves up a heart-warming slice of Caledonian charm, graced by one of the majestic cameo performances delivered by the elderly Lancaster whenever called upon.
This essence of the feelgood movie served as an entrée for the director’s sojourn in Hollywood, which saw his career hit something like a terminal decline. But Local Hero, his cosiest and most accomplished film, is a gem and almost enough to give sentimental whimsy a good name.

Burt Lancaster as Felix Harper
Peter Riegert as Mac
Fulton Mackay as Ben
Denis Lawson as Urquhart
Norman Chancer as Moritz
Peter Capaldi as Oldsen
Rikki Fulton as Geddes
Alex Norton as Watt
Jenny Seagrove as Marina
Jennifer Black as Stella
Christopher Rozycki as Victor
Gyearbuor Asante as Rev Macpherson
John M. Jackson as Cal
Dan Ammerman as Donaldson
Tam Dean Burn as Roddy
John Gordon Sinclair as Ricky
Caroline Guthrie as Pauline
Jimmy Yuill as Iain
Karen Douglas as Mrs Wyatt
Kenny Ireland as Skipper
Sandra Voe as Mrs Fraser
Harlan Jordan as Fountain
Charles Kearney as Peter
David Mowat as Gideon
John Poland as Anderson
Ann Scott-Jones as Linda Fraser
Ian Stewart as Mr Bulloch
Jonathan Watson as Jonathan
Dave Anderson as Fraser
Ray Jeffries as Andrew
James Kennedy as Edward
Willie Joss as Sandy
Buddy Quaid as Crabbe
Tanya Ticktin as Russian Girl
Edith Ruddick as Old Lady
Betty Macey as Switchboard Operator
Michelle McCarel as Switchboard Operator
Anne Thompson as Switchboard Operator
Brian Rowan as Ace Tone
Mark Winchester as Ace Tone
Alan Clark as Ace Tone
Alan Darby as Ace Tone
Roddy Murray as Ace Tone
Dale Winchester as Ace Tone
Luke Coulter as Baby
Writer and Director: Bill Forsyth
UK | 111 minutes | 1983

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