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Leslie Howard

Picture of Leslie Howard.

Leslie Howard (3 April 1893 – 1 June 1943) was an English stage and film actor, director, and producer. Among his best-known roles was Ashley Wilkes in Gone with the Wind (1939) and roles in Of Human Bondage (1934), The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934), The Petrified Forest (1936), Pygmalion (1938), and Intermezzo (1939). Howard’s Second World War activities included acting and filmmaking. He was active in anti-Nazi propaganda and reputedly involved with British or Allied Intelligence, which may have led to his untimely death in 1943 when his airliner was shot down, sparking modern conspiracy theories regarding his death.

Born: Born: Apr 3, 1893 In Forest Hill, London, England, UK


1943: The Gentle Sex
1942: The White Eagle
1942: The First of the Few
1942: In Which We Serve
1941: ‘Pimpernel’ Smith
1941: From the Four Corners
1941: 49th Parallel
1939: Intermezzo: A Love Story
1939: Pygmalion
1939: Gone with the Wind
1937: It’s Love I’m After
1937: Stand-In
1936: The Petrified Forest
1936: Master Will Shakespeare
1936: Breakdowns of 1936
1936: Romeo and Juliet
1934: Of Human Bondage
1934: The Lady Is Willing
1934: British Agent
1934: The Scarlet Pimpernel
1933: Secrets
1933: Berkeley Square
1933: Captured!
1932: Service for Ladies
1932: Smilin’ Through
1932: The Animal Kingdom
1931: Never the Twain Shall Meet
1931: A Free Soul
1931: Devotion
1931: Five and Ten
1930: Outward Bound
1920: Bookworms


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