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Le Mans (Steve McQueen, Siegfried Rauch)

Image from Le Mans

Le Mans: Filmed during the annual 24-hour endurance race at Le Mans, Michael Delaney is a Porsche driver haunted by the memory of an accident at the previous year’s race in which a competing driver was killed. Delaney also finds himself increasingly infatuated with the man’s widow.

Steve McQueen Michael Delaney
Siegfried Rauch Erich Stahler
Elga Andersen Lisa Belgetti
Ronald Leigh-Hunt David Townsend
Fred Haltiner Johann Ritter
Luc Merenda Claude Aurac
Christopher Waite Larry Wilson
Louise Edlind Anna Ritter
Angelo Infanti Lugo Abratte
Jean-Claude Bercq Paul-Jacques Dion
Michele Scalera Vito Scaliso
Gino Cassani Loretto Fuselli
Alfred Bell Tommy Hopkins
Carlo Cecchi Paolo Scadenza
Richard Rüdiger Bruno Frohm

Casting Lynn Stalmaster
Editor Donald W. Ernst
Production Design Phil Abramson
Original Music Composer Michel Legrand
Screenplay Harry Kleiner
Executive Producer Robert E. Relyea
Director Lee H. Katzin
Director of Photography Robert B. Hauser
Producer Jack N. Reddish
Director of Photography René Guissart Jr.
Editor Ghislaine Desjonquères
Editor John Woodcock

United States of America / Cinema Center Films / 104 minutes / Released 1971-06-23

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