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Law Abiding Citizen | 2009 | Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler


Law Abiding Citizen | 2009 | Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler

A brutal, gory revenge thriller starring Gerard Butler and directed by F Gary Gray (The Negotiator, The Italian Job). Could anything be worse than seeing your wife and child brutally killed in front of you? Well, probably not, but seeing one of their killers walk free after striking a bargain with the prosecuting lawer wouldn’t make things any easier.
And so it is for Clyde Shelton (Butler). But the experience doesn’t destroy him; instead it eats away at him for a decade, at which point he snaps and takes sadistic revenge on the freed murderer. And then, even after he himself has been jailed, he embarks on a deadly campaign against everyone else connected with the case – including the police and legal representatives.

Jamie Foxx as Nick Rice
Gerard Butler as Clyde Alexander Shelton
Colm Meaney as Detective Dunnigan
Bruce McGill as Jonas Cantrell
Leslie Bibb as Sarah Lowell
Michael Irby as Detective Garza
Gregory Itzin as Warden Iger
Regina Hall as Kelly Rice
Emerald-Angel Young as Denise Rice
Christian Stolte as Clarence Darby
Annie Corley as Judge Laura Burch
Richard Portnow as Bill Reynolds
Viola Davis as Mayor April Henry
Michael Kelly as Bray
Josh Stewart as Rupert Ames
Roger Bart as Brian Bringham
Dan Bittner as Sereno
Brooke Stacy Mills as Clyde’s Wife
Patrick McDade as Charlie – City Hall Security
Richard Barlow as Older Cop
Director: F. Gary Gray
Script: Kurt Wimmer
USA | 109 minutes | 2009

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