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Last Vegas | 2013 | Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman,

60-something Billy is about to take the leap into married life, after years of avoidance, and his mates can’t let him do this without one last bachelor party. Where else to do this but in Vegas? But this Vegas isn’t the Vegas they remember, and truth be told, they’ve changed too. Age does that to people. So what was meant to be a blast of last minute exuberance and freedom becomes a blast of another kind.

Airdate: Sunday 3 Mar 2019 at 8.30pm on 7flix

Robert De Niro as Paddy
Morgan Freeman as Archie
Michael Douglas as Billy
Kevin Kline as Sam
Mary Steenburgen as Diana
Jerry Ferrara as Dean
Romany Malco as Lonnie
Roger Bart as Maurice
Joanna Gleason as Miriam
Michael Ealy as Ezra
Bre Blair as Lisa
April Billingsley as Maid of Honor
Stephen Scott Scarpulla as Danny the Greaser
Andrea Moore as Bachelorette
Dan Hewitt Owens as Security Guard
Edward Edwards as Floor Manager
50 Cent as 50 Cent

Director: Jon Turteltaub
Script: Dan Fogelman

US | 105 minutes | 2013

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