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James Mason

Born in Huddersfield in 1909. A Cambridge architecture graduate, Mason made his name in British B-movies, achieving stardom in 1943’s The Man in Grey. Famous for playing sleek, cerebral charmers with a sadistic streak, in 1948 he moved to Hollywood where he widened his repertoire.

He starred opposite Judy Garland in the classic 1954 remake of A Star Is Born, in a role which was rejected by Bogart, Clift, Brando, Grant and Cooper. He was also probably the only actor ever to play Field Marshal Erwin Rommel twice – he did so in both The Desert Fox (1951) and The Desert Rats two years later. Subsequently, he was Oscar nominated for his role in The Verdict (1982) two years before his death.

Birth Place: Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England, UK on 1909-05-15
Known For: Acting

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