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Illusionist, The | 2006 | Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti


Illusionist, The | 2006 | Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti

Neil Burger’s period mystery-romance starring Edward Norton, Jessica Biel and Paul Giamatti. In 1900s Vienna there’s only one show in town – and that’s the one featuring mesmeric entertainer Eisenheim (Norton). His magical abilities are wowing the crowds, with an act that ranges from mere tricks to an apparent capacity to raise the dead. However, he has also long been in love with Duchess Sophie von Teschen (Biel), which puts him in dangerous competition with the violent, scheming Crown Prince Leopold (Rufus Sewell).
And, after Eisenheim uses one of his performances as an opportunity to humiliate the Crown Prince, Leopold jumps at the opportunity to have the magician arrested by Inspector Uhl (Giamatti) on grounds of necromancy. It’s only then, during Eisenheim’s interrogation, that we learn the full story of his life and the political plot upon which he’s stumbled…

Edward Norton as Eisenheim
Paul Giamatti as Inspector Uhl
Jessica Biel as Sophie
Rufus Sewell as Crown Prince Leopold
Eddie Marsan as Josef Fischer
Jake Wood as Jurka
Tom Fisher as Willigut
Karl Johnson as Doctor / Old Man
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Young Eisenheim
Eleanor Tomlinson as Young Sophie
Vincent Franklin as Loschek
Nicholas Blane as Herr Doebler
Philip McGough as Dr. Hofzinser
Erich Redman as Count Rainer
Michael Carter as Von Thurnburg
Andreas Grothusen as Eisenheim’s Father
Brian Caspe as Eisenheim’s Assistant
Ellen Savaria as Mrs. Uhl
Vítězslav Bouchner as Sophie’s Driver
David O’Kelly as Archduke
Richard Rowlands as Archduke
Reuben-Henry Biggs as Frankel
Robert Russell as Spiritualist Leader
Noel Le Bon as Arrested Man
David Fellowes as Respectable Man
Jan Nemejovský as Senior Officer
Ivo Novák as Senior Officer
Vladimir Kulhavy as Train Conductor
Duke Faeger as Audience Member
Brendan Gunn as Audience Member
Ryan James as Audience Member
Petr Meissel as Audience Member
Jeff Smith as Audience Member
Ivan Urbánek as Audience Member
James Babson as Young Father (uncredited)
Jaroslav Vízner as Audience Member
Jirí Vacek as Audience Member
Noelle Trkulja as Audience Member
Anezka Novak as Audience Member
Alistair Macnaughtan as Audience Member
Nancy Bishop as Audience Member
John Early as Man on Street
Eva Kelemenová as Sobbing Woman
Alfred Strejček as Guard
Fasihiddin Khasanov as Boy Apparition in Audience
Jan Cibulka as Boy Apparition on Stage
Erdenbileg Sengee as Asian Assistant
Sondom Nararbadrakh as Asian Assistant
Cheng Feng as Asian Assistant
Purevdorj Boldsaikhan as Asian Assistant
Vadam Bat-Orshikh as Asian Assistant
Robin Ferenc as Street Urchin
Dominik Havelka as Street Urchin
Elias Bauer as Street Urchin Messenger
Sean Hall as Young Prince
Thomas McEnchroe as Aristocratic Boy
Oliver Blaha as Aristocratic Boy
Laurie Athey as Aristocratic Boy
David Forest as Traveling Magician
Matthew Blood-Smyth as Man Who Incites Riot
Vanessa Gendron as Shouting Woman
Director: Neil Burger
US | 110 minutes | 2006

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