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I Am a Camera (Romulus 1955 | Julie Harris, Laurence Harvey)


I Am a Camera (Romulus 1955 | Julie Harris, Laurence Harvey)

Stage actress Julie Harris moved to the screen with Broadway successes including this adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin stories that later became the better and more trenchant Cabaret.

Harris plays the outlandish entertainer Sally Bowles who befriends the gay writer Isherwood (Harvey) as he scrabbles for a living in the Berlin of the 1930s. Made in England, the movie lacks the essential decadence of the city, and although the flamboyant and doomed Sally is a real character, much else lacks authenticity. Perhaps the director of Genevieve found it all a little distasteful.

Julie Harris as Sally Bowles
Laurence Harvey as Christopher Isherwood
Shelley Winters as Natalia Landauer
Ron Randell as Clive Mortimer
Lea Seidl as Fräulein Schneider
Anton Diffring as Fritz Wendel
Jean Gargoet as Pierre
Ina De La Haye as Herr Landauer
Stanley Maxted as Curtis B. Ryland
Frederick Valk as Doctor
Tutte Lemkow as Electro-Therapist
Patrick McGoohan as Swedish Water Therapist
Julia Arnall as Model
Harold Siddons as Editor at Party
Philip Morant as Editor at Party
Jack Healy as Clive
Don Koll as Ticket Clerk
Janet May as Tart
Richard Wattis as Bespectacled Man at Book Launch
Gareth Tandy as Boy Finding Sally’s Shoe

Director: Henry Cornelius
Producer: Jack Clayton
Writer: John Collier
Book: Christopher Isherwood
Photographer: Guy Green

UK | Romulus | 98 minutes | 1955

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