How to Talk to Girls at Parties | 2017 | Elle Fanning, Alex Sharp

Croydon, 1977. A trio of punk teenagers goes to a party to meet girls, but they find that girls there are very different from what they expected.

Elle Fanning as Zan
Alex Sharp as Enn
Nicole Kidman as Boadicea
Matt Lucas as PT Wain
Ruth Wilson as PT Stella
Abraham Lewis as Vic
Ethan Lawrence as John
Edward Petherbridge as PT First
Joanna Scanlan as Marion, Enn’s Mother
Tom Brooke as PT Waldo
Martin Tomlinson as Slap
Alice Sanders as Spinning Jenny
Lara Peake as Wainswain
Elarica Johnson as Dark Stella
Joey Ansah as PT Bob
Jumayn Hunter as DJ Des
Eloise Smyth as Savage Sue
Stephen Campbell Moore as Jerry, the Record Exec
Hebe Beardsall as Ari Up
Ross Tomlinson as Blonde Stella Twin
Nansi Nsue as Melissa, White 1st Colony
Mark J. Paterson as Punk Boy
Mikko Mäkelä as Punk Boy
John Cameron Mitchell as Punk (uncredited)

Director: John Cameron Mitchell
Script: Philippa Goslett, John Cameron Mitchell, Neil Gaiman

UK, US | 103 minutes | 2017


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