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Horse Soldiers, The | 1959 | John Wayne, William Holden


Horse Soldiers, The | 1959 | John Wayne, William Holden

Ford delivers his own take on the American Civil War in this loose retelling of the story of Colonel Benjamin H Grierson. Here he is renamed Colonel John Marlowe and played by Wayne, leading a platoon behind Confederate lines but hampered by his companions. Holden is the colleague with whom he has a strained relationship and Towers is the Southern belle with her own agenda. The interaction between the two leads is far more compelling than the reason for their dispute, and Ford’s attention to detail is as meticulous as ever. Not one of his finest hours, but an interesting curio for fans.

John Wayne as Col John Marlowe
William Holden as Major ‘Hank’ Kendall
Constance Towers as Miss Hannah Hunter
Judson Pratt as Sgt Major Kirby
Hoot Gibson as Sgt. Brown
Ken Curtis as Cpl. Wilkie
Willis Bouchey as Col. Phil Secord
Bing Russell as Dunker, Yankee Soldier Amputee
O.Z. Whitehead as Otis ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins
Hank Worden as Deacon Clump
Chuck Hayward as Union Captain
Denver Pyle as Jackie Jo
Strother Martin as Virgil
Basil Ruysdael as The Reverend (Jefferson Military Academy)
Carleton Young as Col. Jonathan Miles, CSA
Althea Gibson as Lukey
Jack Pennick as Mitch
Anna Lee as Mrs. Buford
Russell Simpson as Henry Goodbody
William Leslie as Gray
Jan Stine as Hoskins
Director: John Ford
US | 115 minutes | 1959

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