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Holiday Affair (Sony Movies Action / 23 Dec 2020)

Holiday Affair (1949


Holiday Affair (Sony Movies Action / 23 Dec 2020)

Just before Christmas, department store clerk Steve Mason meets big spending customer Connie Ennis, who’s actually a comparison shopper sent by another store. Steve lets her go, which gets him fired. They spend the afternoon together, which doesn’t sit well with Connie’s steady suitor, Carl, when he finds out, but delights her young son Timmy, who quickly takes to Steve.


Janet Leigh (Connie Ennis), Robert Mitchum (Steve Mason), Wendell Corey (Carl Davis), Gordon Gebert (Timmy Ennis), Griff Barnett (Mr. Ennis), Esther Dale (Mrs. Ennis), Henry O’Neill (Mr. Crowley), Harry Morgan (Police Lieutenant), Larry J. Blake (Plainclothesman), Helen Brown (Crowley’s Secretary Emily), Chick Chandler (New Year’s Celebrant (uncredited)), James Griffith (Crowley’s Floorwalker (uncredited)), Jack Kelly (Drunk on Train (uncredited)), Bert Stevens (Henry),


Director: Don Hartman

US / 87 minutes / 1949


07:50-09:30 Wed 23rd Dec 2020
Sony Movies Action


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