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Hattie Jacques

Picture of Hattie Jacques.

Josephine Edwina Jaques (7 February 1922 – 6 October 1980) was an English comedy actress, known as Hattie Jacques. Starting her career in the 1940s, Jacques first gained attention through her radio appearances with Tommy Handley on ITMA and later with Tony Hancock on Hancock’s Half Hour. From 1958 to 1974 she appeared in fourteen Carry On films, playing roles such as a hospital matron. She had a long professional partnership with Eric Sykes, with whom she co-starred in his long running television series Sykes. She also starred in two Norman Wisdom films, The Square Peg and Follow a Star. Jacques was married to John Le Mesurier from 1949 until their divorce in 1965. Her final appearance on television was in an advertisement for Asda in 1980. She died later that year from a heart attack.

Born: Born: Feb 7, 1922 In Sandgate, Kent, England, UK


1983: ITV Christmas Comedy
1980: Rhubarb Rhubarb
1975: Carry On Laughing
1975: Three for All
1974: Carry On Dick
1972: Carry On Matron
1972: Sykes
1972: Carry on Christmas (or Carry On Stuffing)
1972: Carry On Abroad
1971: Danger Point
1971: Carry On at Your Convenience
1970: Catweazle
1970: Carry On Loving
1969: Crooks and Coronets
1969: Rhubarb
1969: Monte Carlo or Bust!
1969: Carry On Again Doctor
1969: Carry On Camping
1969: The Magic Christian
1969: Carry on Christmas
1967: The Bobo
1967: Carry On Doctor
1967: The Plank
1963: The Punch and Judy Man
1963: Carry On Cabby
1962: She’ll Have to Go
1962: In the Doghouse
1961: Carry On Regardless
1960: Sykes and a…
1960: Carry On Constable
1960: Watch Your Stern
1960: Make Mine Mink
1960: School for Scoundrels
1960: Our House
1959: The Navy Lark
1959: Follow a Star
1959: Carry On Nurse
1959: Left Right and Centre
1959: The Night We Dropped a Clanger
1959: Carry On Teacher
1958: Carry On Sergeant
1958: The Square Peg
1956: The Tony Hancock Show
1956: Now and Forever
1955: As Long as They’re Happy
1955: This Is Your Life
1954: Up to His Neck
1954: The Love Lottery
1953: The Pleasure Garden
1953: Our Girl Friday
1952: Mother Riley Meets the Vampire
1952: The Pickwick Papers
1951: Scrooge
1950: Chance of a Lifetime
1950: Waterfront Women
1949: Trottie True
1949: The Spider and the Fly
1948: Oliver Twist
1947: The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
1946: Green for Danger


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