Gregory’s Two Girls | 1999 | John Gordon Sinclair Maria Doyle Kennedy

In Bill Forsyth’s sequel to Gregory’s Girl Gregory Underwood (John Gordon Sinclair), now a teacher at his Cumbernauld alma mater, is caught between committing to fellow teacher Bel (Maria Doyle Kennedy) or allowing rein to his fantasies about pupil Frances (Carly McKinnon). He’s forced into action when Frances asks if she can meet him after school to share a very private secret…

John Gordon Sinclair as Gregory Underwood
Maria Doyle Kennedy as Bel
Carly McKinnon as Frances
Dougray Scott as Fraser Rowan
Fiona Bell as Maddy Underwood
Gary Lewis as Mr McCance
John Murtagh as Headmaster
Alexander Morton as Norman
Hugh McCue as Douglas
Martin Schwab as Dimitri
Kevin Anderson as Jon
Dawn Steele as Jan
Matt Costello as Detective Gorrie
Jane Stabler as Detective Ritchie
Anne Marie Timoney as Joyce

Writer and Director: Bill Forsyth
Script: Bill Forsyth

UK | 116 minutes | 1999


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