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Great Expectations | 1946 | John Mills, Alec Guinness

In this Charles Dickens adaptation, orphan Pip discovers through lawyer Mr. Jaggers that a mysterious benefactor wishes to ensure that he becomes a gentleman. Reunited with his childhood patron, Miss Havisham, and his first love, the beautiful but emotionally cold Estella, he discovers that the elderly spinster has gone mad from having been left at the altar as a young woman, and has made her charge into a warped, unfeeling heartbreaker.

John Mills as Pip
Tony Wager as Young Pip
Valerie Hobson as Estella
Jean Simmons as Young Estella
Bernard Miles as Joe Gargery
Francis L. Sullivan as Mr. Jaggers
Finlay Currie as Abel Magwitch
Martita Hunt as Miss Havisham
Alec Guinness as Herbert Pocket
Ivor Barnard as Mr. Wemmick
Freda Jackson as Mrs. Joe
Eileen Erskine as Biddy
George Hayes as Convict
Hay Petrie as Uncle Pumblechook
John Forrest as The Pale Young Gentleman
Torin Thatcher as Bentley Drummle
O.B. Clarence as The Aged Parent
John Burch as Mr. Wopsle
Richard George as The Sergeant
Grace Denbigh Russell as Mrs. Wopsle
Everley Gregg as Sarah Pocket
Anne Holland as Relation
Frank Atkinson as Mike
Gordon Begg as Night Porter
Edie Martin as Mrs. Whimple
Walford Hyden as The Dancing Master
Roy Arthur as Galley Steersman
Director: David Lean
UK | 118 minutes | 1946

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