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Get Carter (Michael Caine, Ian Hendry)

Image from Get Carter

Get Carter: Jack Carter is a small-time hood working in London. When word reaches him of his brothers death, he travels to Newcastle to attend the funeral. Refusing to accept the police report of suicide, Carter seeks out his brother’s friends and acquaintances to learn who murdered his sibling and why.

Michael Caine Jack Carter
Ian Hendry Eric
Britt Ekland Anna
John Osborne Kinnear
Tony Beckley Peter
Bryan Mosley Cliff Brumby
Geraldine Moffat Glenda
Petra Markham Doreen
George Sewell Con
Alun Armstrong Keith
Rosemarie Dunham Edna
Glynn Edwards Albert Swift
Bernard Hepton Thorpe
Terence Rigby Gerald Fletcher
John Bindon Sid Fletcher

Producer Michael Caine
Director Mike Hodges
Writer Mike Hodges
Editor John Trumper
Makeup Artist George Partleton
Music Roy Budd
Writer Ted Lewis
Producer Michael Klinger
Director of Photography Wolfgang Suschitzky
Production Design Assheton Gorton
Art Direction Roger King
Costume Design Evangeline Harrison
Sound Recordist Christian Wangler
Production Secretary Vicki Deason

United Kingdom / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / 112 minutes / Released 1971-03-03

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