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George Coulouris


George Coulouris

George Coulouris was a British stage, film and television actor.

Born:1903-10-01 in Manchester, England, UK
Known For: Acting


Womaneater 1958-04-01
Role: Dr. James Moran
A mad scientist captures women and feeds them to a flesh-eating tree, which in turn gives him a serum that helps bring the dead back to life.

The Man Without a Body 1957-05-01
Role: Karl Brussard
A wealthy business man discovers he has a brain tumor and seeks medical help. The business man finds a scientist experimenting with transplanting monkey heads on different monkey bodies. The business man decides to steal the head of Nostradamus from the prophet's crypt.

The Master Race 1944-09-22
Role: Von Beck
When allied troops liberate a small battle-scarred Belgium town in 1944 the American and British commanders do all they can to help the war-weary people back on their feet. There are mental and physical wounds to heal, fields to plough, the church to rebuild. But a top Nazi, knowing the War is lost, has infiltrated the town and is fostering dissent and disunity.

Unfair! 1970-11-15
Role: Judge
This incredibly strange short film was commissioned by the union ACTT (Association of Cinematograph, Television and allied Technicians, of which the filmmaker and novelist B.S. Johnson was a member) as part of its action against the Industrial Relations Bill passed by parliament in 1971.

The Suicide Club 1973-02-13
A young gambler seeking greater challenges joins a card club where the members literally gamble for their lives.

Kill Me Tomorrow 1957-05-01
Role: Heinz Webber
A reporter (Pat O'Brien) who needs cash for his son's operation is paid by a smuggler (George Coulouris) to take a murder rap.

Appointment with Venus 1951-10-08
Role: Captain Weiss
At the outbreak of WWII the British realise they can't prevent the invasion of the Channel Islands. However, someone realises that a prize cow is on the islands and the Nazis mustn't get hold of her. This is the intrepid story of the cow-napping from under the noses of the Nazis.

The Dog and the Diamonds 1953-11-01
A group of children establish their own zoo in the garden of a disused house, which proves to be the headquarters of a gang of crooks.

Lady on a Train 1945-08-03
Role: Mr. Saunders, Circus Club Manager
While on a train, Nikki Collins witnesses a murder as they pass a building. When she tells the police, they think she's crazy since she can't tell exactly where the crime happened. She then enlists a popular mystery writer to help with her sleuthing.

The Verdict 1946-11-23
Role: Supt. John R. Buckley
After an innocent man is executed in a case he was responsible for, a Scotland Yard superintendent finds himself investigating the murder of his key witness.

Mr. Skeffington 1944-05-25
Role: Dr. Byles
A popular and beautiful woman is forced into a loveless marriage with an older man to save her brother from an embezzlement charge.

Where There's Life 1947-11-21
Role: Prime Minister Krivoc
In a far off country, their king is critically wounded after an assassination attempt and the only heir is a timid New York radio personality, Michael Valentine (Bob Hope). After reluctantly traveling to his father's homeland, Michael is not happy that he's become the target of the same terrorist organization that attacked the king.

Kill or Be Killed 1950-04-01
Role: Victor Sloma
An innocent man accused of a murder hides out aboard a steam ship in South American.

Watch on the Rhine 1943-08-27
Role: Teck Brankovic
On the eve of World War II, the German Kurt Müller, his American-born wife Sara, and their three children, having lived in Europe for years, visit Sara's wealthy mother near Washington, DC. Kurt secretly works for the anti-Nazi resistance. A visiting Romanian count, becoming aware of this, seeks to blackmail him.

The Runaway Bus 1954-10-23
Role: Ernest Schroeder
When heavy fog prevents any flights from leaving London Airport, a group of passengers are put on a bus driven by Percy Lamb (Frankie Howerd in his first starring role) to drive to another airport. The fog is that heavy Percy doesn't know where he is going or that he is carrying stolen gold bullion that the robbers and police are relentlessly pursuing.

Venetian Bird 1952-10-01
Role: Chief of Police Spadoni
Private eye Edward Mercer travels to Venice to locate a man due a reward for his aid in the war. Shortly after arriving, he becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his local contact. In his quest to clear his name, Mercer uncovers a conspiracy. Even the local magistrate seems to be working against him, and Mercer begins to suspect the man he came to find is behind it all.

L'anticristo 1974-11-22
Role: Father Mittner
An Italian nobleman seeks help after his paralyzed daughter becomes possessed by the spirit of a malevolent ancestress.

Beyond Glory 1948-08-03
Role: Lew Proctor
Thinking he may have caused the death of his commanding officer Captain Daniels in Tunisia, Rocky visits Daniels' widow. She falls for him, he falls for her, she encourages him to go to West Point. While there he faces serious disciplinary review for having forced a plebe into resigning. He may even be court-martialled.

Spy in the Sky! 1958-07-20
Role: Col. Benedict
Women (Sandra Francis, Andrea Domburg) distract a U.S. agent (Steve Brodie) fighting Soviet spies over a German scientist and his secret plans.

A Southern Yankee 1948-08-05
Role: Maj. Jack Drumman aka The Grey Spider
Red Skelton plays Aubrey Filmore, a feather-brained but lovable bellboy who dreams of becoming an agent for the Union's secret service during the Civil War.

California 1947-02-21
Role: Capt. Pharaoh Coffin
"Wicked" Lily Bishop joins a wagon train to California, led by Michael Fabian and Johnny Trumbo, but news of the Gold Rush scatters the train. When Johnny and Michael finally arrive, Lily is rich from her saloon and storekeeper (former slaver) Pharaoh Coffin is bleeding the miners dry. But worse troubles are ahead: California is inching toward statehood, and certain people want to make it their private empire.

Scruggs 1970-04-23
Ben Scruggs is an intellectual gangster who lives his life like a poker game.

The Streets of New York 1939-08-31
Role: Gideon Bloodgood
The story revolves around the efforts of the middle-class family Fairweather, newly impoverished by the financial panic, to survive against the villainous banker Gideon Bloodgood.

Nobody Lives Forever 1946-11-01
Role: Doc Ganson
A con artist falls for the rich widow he's trying to fleece.

Blood from the Mummy's Tomb 1971-06-16
Role: Professor Berrigan
Two Egyptologists, Professor Fuchs and Corbeck, are instrumental in unleashing unmitigated horror by bringing back to England the mummified body of Tara, the Egyptian Queen of Darkness. Fuchs’s daughter becomes involved in a series of macabre and terrifying incidents, powerless against the forces of darkness, directed by Corbeck, that are taking possession of her body and soul to fulfill the ancient prophesy that Queen Tara will be resurrected to continue her reign of unspeakable evil.

Sleep, My Love 1948-02-18
Role: Charles Vernay
A woman wakes up in the middle of the night on board a train, but she can't remember how she got there. Danger and suspense ensue.

The Lady in Question 1940-08-07
Role: Defense Attorney
When a jury member takes in the defendant he couldn"t convict, she has a bad influence on his son.

Mr. District Attorney 1947-02-20
Role: James Randolph
An assistant district attorney gets mixed-up with a woman who is working for the group that he is investigating.

A Song to Remember 1945-01-19
Role: Louis Pleyel
Prof. Joseph Elsner guides his protégé Frydryk Chopin through his formative years to early adulthood in Poland. The professor takes him to Paris, where he eventually comes under the wing and influence of novelist George Sand and rises to prominence in the music world, to the exclusion of his old friends and patriotic feelings towards Poland.

Surprise Package 1960-09-29
Role: Dr. Panzer
Comic crime caper, set on a Greek island, starring Yul Brynner and Mitzi Gaynor.

Duel in the Jungle 1954-06-30
Role: Capt. Malburn
An American insurance investigator is sent to Rhodesia to investigate the mysterious death of a diamond broker who drowned whilst diving off the coast. The broker was insured for $1 million so the insurers are suspicious.

The Stranger 1973-02-26
Role: Max Greene
TV series pilot (series never launched). After a freak mishap, an astronaut finds himself on an almost precise copy of Earth (right down to the Plymouth cars). However, this planet has three moons, and is run by an Orwellian government called The Perfect Order, who seek out and crush all dissidents either by outright assassination or by having them treated at "Ward E." Hunted and alone, the story traces the astronaut's efforts to evade capture and return home.

Confidential Agent 1945-11-02
Role: Captain Currie
During the Spanish Civil War, an agent on a mission to purchase coal meets with murder and counterspies.

Citizen Kane
Role: Walter Parks Thatcher
Newspaper magnate, Charles Foster Kane is taken from his mother as a boy and made the ward of a rich industrialist. As a result, every well-meaning, tyrannical or self-destructive move he makes for the rest of his life appears in some way to be a reaction to that deeply wounding event.

Land Raiders
Role: Cardenas
An outlaw committing a string of robberies and murders manages to blame the crimes on Apaches, bringing about an Indian war.

None But the Lonely Heart
Role: Jim Mordinoy
When an itinerant reluctantly returns home to help his sickly mother run her shop, they're both tempted to turn to crime to help make ends meet.

Tarzan and the Lost Safari
Role: Carl Kraski
Tarzan leads five passengers from a downed airplane out of the jungle. En route white hunter Hawkins tries to sell them to the Oparian chief.

Mask of Dust
Role: 'Pic' Dallapiccola
An idol of auto-racing fans attempts a comeback after serving in the Air Force. When his former rival lies dying in the hospital he must decide whether to continue in the Grand Prix, or make peace with his adversary. Featuring race car greats Stirling Moss, Reg Parnell, John Cooper, Alan Brown, Geoffrey Taylor and Leslie Marr.

Assignment in Brittany
A boy gets involved in a bank robbery

The Boy Who Stole a Million
Role: Capt. Hans Holz
A French Resistance fighter discovers he's a dead ringer for a Nazi official.

The Crooked Road
Role: Carlo
An investigative reporter (Robert Ryan) travels to a small European country with the hope of exposing its dictator's family secrets.

Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus
Role: Arbitan
The TARDIS arrives on the planet Marinus on an island of glass surrounded by a sea of acid. The travellers are forced by the elderly Arbitan to retrieve four of the five operating keys to a machine called the Conscience of Marinus, of which he is the keeper. These have been hidden in different locations around the planet to prevent them falling into the hands of the evil Yartek and his Voord warriors, who plan to seize the machine and use its originally benevolent mind-influencing power for their own sinister purposes.

Between Two Worlds
Role: Mr. Lingley
Passengers on an ocean liner can't recall how they got onboard or where they are going. Soon it becomes apparent that they all have something in common.

Outcast of the Islands
Role: Babalatchi
After financial improprieties are discovered at the Eastern trading company where he works, Peter Willems flees the resulting disgrace and criminal charges. He persuades the man who gave him his start in life, the merchant ship captain Lingard, to bring him to a trading post on a remote Indonesian island where he can hide out.

The Heart of the Matter
Role: Portuguese Captain
Based on Graham Greene’s novel, a married colonial police chief struggles with his conscience when he has an affair with a younger woman.

The Big Money
Role: The Colonel
Petty thief Willie Frith steals a suitcase full of bank notes, only to find out that they have been given all the same serial number. But this is only the start of his troubles, now he has to find a way of changing the notes, so he can impress the barmaid of his local pub.

Hotel Berlin
Role: Joachim Helm
An assortment of diverse characters gather at the Hotel Berlin in World War II Germany.

Tank Force
Role: Italian POW camp commandant
During World War II, members of a British tank unit in northern Africa are captured and held prisoners by Germans.

Too Many Thieves
Role: Andrew
When some priceless Macedonian treasures are swiped, lawyer Falk arrives to get to the bottom of things.

Role: Ragheeb
When a plot against a prominent Middle Eastern politician is uncovered, David Pollock, a professor of ancient hieroglyphics at Oxford University, is recruited to help expose the scheme. Pollock must find information believed to be in hieroglyphic code and must also contend with a mysterious man called Beshraavi. Meanwhile, Beshraavi's lover, Yasmin Azir, seems willing to aid Pollock — but is she really on his side?

The Skull
Role: Dr. Londe
An occult investigator buys the 150 year old stolen skull of Marquis de Sade, which turns out to be possessed by evil spirits.

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