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First Knight | 1995 | Sean Connery, Richard Gere


First Knight | 1995 | Sean Connery, Richard Gere

Arthurian adventure that has no pretensions to be an accurate historical depiction, but holds back from being the wholehearted romp that would be preferable. Instead, we get a half-baked love triangle, with Lady Guinevere (Julia Ormond) promised to King Arthur (Sean Connery) but falling for the free-spirited Lancelot (Richard Gere) as the King feuds with traitor Prince Malagant (Ben Cross).
The brilliant set design is a minor distraction from the silly plot and the poor acting: Connery is on cruise control, Ormond is vapid and Gere is a wholly unconvincing action hero. From the terrible pun in the title onwards, this is excruciating.

Sean Connery as King Arthur
Richard Gere as Lancelot
Julia Ormond as Guinevere
Ben Cross as Prince Malagant
Liam Cunningham as Agravaine
Christopher Villiers as Sir Kay
Valentine Pelka as Sir Patrise
Colin McCormack as Sir Mador
Ralph Ineson as Ralf
John Gielgud as Oswald
Stuart Bunce as Peter, King’s Stableman
Jane Robbins as Elise
Jean Marie Coffey as Petronella
Paul Kynman as Mark
Tom Lucy as Sir Sagramore
Richard Claxton as Child
Susannah Corbett as Young Lady in Crowd
Rob Brydon as Man in Crowd
Rose Keegan as Lady in Crowd
Director: Jerry Zucker
Producers: Hunt Lowry, Jerry Zucker
Photographer: Adam Greenberg
USA | 134 minutes | 1995

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