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Feather Your Nest (George Formby, Polly Ward)


Feather Your Nest (George Formby, Polly Ward)

Feather Your Nest: A worker at a gramphone record factory surprisingly creates a hit song.

George Formby Willie Piper
Polly Ward Mary Taylor
Enid Stamp-Taylor Daphne Randall
Gilbert Russell Rex Randall (as Val Rosing)
Davy Burnaby Sir Martin
Jack Barty Mr. Chester
Clifford Heatherley Randall’s valet
Frederick Burtwell Murgatroyd
Ethel Coleridge Mrs. Taylor
Jimmy Godden Mr. Higgins
Moore Marriott Mr. Jenkins
Syd Crossley Police Constable
Frank Perfitt Studio manager
Tom Payne Fortner
Mike Johnson Charlie (The Barman)

Director William Beaudine
Screenplay Val Valentine
Screenplay Austin Melford
Story Ivar Campbell
Story Sheila Campbell

United Kingdom / Associated Talking Pictures (ATP) / 86 minutes / Released 1937-03-12

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