Fallen Idol, The (1948 | Ralph Richardson, Jack Hawkins)

Crisp, taut suspense thriller based on a story by talented old misery-guts, Graham Greene. Exquisitely crafted and superbly photographed, this is stone-cold quality.
Adapted from the Graham Greene story ‘The Basement Room’, Reed’s film brilliantly captures a child’s point of view.
A diplomat’s son Phillippe (Henrey) finds it hard to understand the adult world he observes inquisitively. He hero worships butler Baines (Richardson), but lands him in trouble with his stern housekeeper wife (Dresdel) after seeing the unhappy man ends an affair with Embassy typist Julie (Morgan). The husband and wife quarrel, and when Mrs. Baines is found dead, suspicion falls on Baines. Phillippe attempts to protect him, but has his devotion blinded him to the truth?
Wonderful cinematography and Reed’s masterful direction enhance a compelling story.

Ralph Richardson as Baines
Michèle Morgan as Julie
Sonia Dresdel as Mrs. Baines
Bobby Henrey as Phillipe
Denis O’Dea as Inspector Crowe
Jack Hawkins as Detective Ames
Walter Fitzgerald as Dr. Fenton
Dandy Nichols as Mrs. Patterson
Joan Young as Mrs. Barrow
Karel Stepanek as First Secretary
Gerard Heinz as Ambassador
Torin Thatcher as Policeman
James Hayter as Perry
Geoffrey Keen as Detective Davis
Bernard Lee as Detective Hart
John Ruddock as Dr. Wilson
Hay Petrie as Clock Winder
Dora Bryan as Rose
George Woodbridge as Police Sergeant
Producer and Director: Carol Reed
Writers: Graham Greene, Lesley Storm, William Templeton
UK | London | 96 minutes | 1948