Philo Beddoe is your regular, easygoing, truck-driving guy. He’s also the best bar-room brawler west of the Rockies. And he lives with a 165-pound orangutan named Clyde. Like other guys, Philo finally falls in love – with a flighty singer who leads him on a screwball chase across the American Southwest. Nothing’s in the way except a motorcycle gang, and legendary brawler Tank Murdock.


Clint Eastwood Philo Beddoe
Sondra Locke Lynn Halsey-Taylor
Geoffrey Lewis Orville Boggs
Beverly D’Angelo Echo
Walter Barnes Tank Murdock
George Chandler Clerk at D.M.V.
Roy Jenson Woody, Secretary Biker
James McEachin Herb
Bill McKinney Dallas, Treasurer Biker
William O’Connell Elmo, Sergeant-At-Arms Biker
John Quade Cholla, The Biker Leader
Dan Vadis Frank, Assistant Head Biker
Gregory Walcott Putnam
Hank Worden Trailer Court Manager
Ruth Gordon Ma Boggs
Jerry Brutsche Sweeper Driver
Jerry Brutsche Kincaid’s Manager
Janet Cole Notey Girl at Palomino
Sam Gilman Fat Man’s Friend
Chuck Hicks Trucker
Timothy P. Irvin M.C. at Zanzabar
Tim Irwin Bandleader
Billy Jackson Bettor
Joyce Jameson
Richard Jamison Harlan


Editor Joel Cox
Editor Ferris Webster
Producer Robert Daley
Director James Fargo
Music Steve Dorff
Stunt Double BJ Davis
Writer Jeremy Joe Kronsberg
Cinematography Rexford L. Metz
Stunts Mary Peters

Country: United States of America
Studio & Production Companies: Warner Bros. Pictures Malpaso Productions
Runtime: 110 minutes
Release Date: 1978-12-19