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Elsewhere (2019, Aden Young, Parker Posey)

Elsewhere (2019


Elsewhere (2019, Aden Young, Parker Posey)

A man does everything in his power to keep ownership of a seaside cottage he built with his late wife.


Aden Young (Bruno), Parker Posey (Marie), Ken Jeong (Felix), Beau Bridges (Dad), Jacki Weaver (Mom), Jackie Tohn (Rita Maloney), Scott Hylands (Mr. Black), Susan Hogan (Mrs. Black), Ray Abruzzo (Cuco), Kathleen Munroe (Lydia), Paula Shaw (Dora Maloney), Mel Tuck (Frank), Andy Thompson (Father), Marc Bendavid (Miguel), Candus Churchill (Receptionist), Elizabeth Weinstein (Cascade), James Yi (Real Estate Agent), C. Ernst Harth (Sheriff), Ace (Benjamin),


Director: Hernán Jiménez

US / 98 minutes / 2019


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