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British Classics

Duel in the Jungle | 1954 | Dana Andrews, Jeanne Crain,

An American insurance investigator is sent to Rhodesia to investigate the mysterious death of a diamond broker who drowned whilst diving off the coast. The broker was insured for $1 million so the insurers are suspicious.

Airdate: Sunday 3 March 2019 at 2.55pm on 9Gem

Dana Andrews as Scott Walters
Jeanne Crain as Marian Taylor
David Farrar as Perry Henderson / Arthur Henderson
Patrick Barr as Supt. Roberts
George Coulouris as Capt. Malburn
Charles Goldner as Martell
Wilfrid Hyde-White as Pitt
Heather Thatcher as Lady on the Niagara
Michael Mataka as Vincent
Paul Carpenter as Pan American Airways Clerk
Delphi Lawrence as Pan American Girl
Mary Mackenzie as Junior Secretary
Bee Duffell as Irish Landlady
Alec Finter as Waiter
Patrick Parnell as Wireless Operator
John Salew as Clerk
Walter Gotell as Jim
Simone Silva as Redhead (unconfirmed, uncredited)

Director: George Marshall
Script: Samuel Marx T.J. Morrison S.K. Kennedy

UK | 102 minutes | 1954

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