Destination Moon | 1950 | John Archer, Warner Anderson

Irving Pichel’s film is a landmark in many ways, accurately depicting weightlessness, space walks and the technique of moon landing way ahead even of films that came later, and winning an Oscar for special effects. Scripted by science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, the tension comes from various escapades on the way to the moon and then the problems of returning, with insufficient fuel for take-off, unless enough weight can be shed…

John Archer as Jim Barnes
Warner Anderson as Dr. Charles Cargraves
Tom Powers as General Thayer
Dick Wesson as Joe Sweeney
Erin O’Brien-Moore as Emily Cargraves
Mike Miller as Man
Everett Glass as Mr. La Porte
Bert Stevens as Businessman at Meeting
Franklyn Farnum as Factory Worker

Director: Irving Pichel
Script: Robert A. Heinlein, Alford Van Ronkel, James O’Hanlon

USA | 91 minutes | 1950


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