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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes | 2014 | Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke

Gary Oldman, Toby Kebbell and Andy Serkis star in Matt Reeves’ (Cloverfield, Let Me In) epic motion-capture sci-fi action-adventure sequel. It’s ten years since the events of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Simian flu has decimated the human race and the apes have built a thriving civilisation in Muir Woods under the guidance of Caesar (Serkis). The two species live separate lives, until a group of human survivors from the wrecked remains of San Francisco strays into ape territory and disaster strikes.

There are subsequent attempts at diplomacy, but peaceful co-existence seems unlikely given the presence on one side of Koba (Kebbell), a bonobo left physically and emotionally scarred by human experimentation, and the humans’ militaristic leader Dreyfus (Oldman) on the other. And it’s not long before both sides arm themselves against the potential untrustworthiness of the other. Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital provides the visual effects.

Andy Serkis as Caesar
Jason Clarke as Malcolm
Gary Oldman as Dreyfus
Keri Russell as Ellie
Toby Kebbell as Koba
Kodi Smit-McPhee as Alexander
Kirk Acevedo as Carver
Judy Greer as Cornelia
Terry Notary as Rocket
Karin Konoval as Maurice
Larramie Doc Shaw as Ash
Nick Thurston as Blue Eyes
Jocko Sims as Werner
Enrique Murciano as Kemp
Keir O’Donnell as Finney
Lee Ross as Grey
Lombardo Boyar as Terry
Kevin Rankin as McVeigh
Jon Eyez as Foster
Richard King as Stoned
Lucky Johnson as Rationer
Al Vicente as Manone
Matthew James as Man 2
Scott Lang as Luca
Deneen Tyler as Woman
Mustafa Harris as Officer
Mike Seal as Driver
J.D. Evermore as Sniper
Chase Boltin as Recruit
Michael Papajohn as Cannon-Gunner
Thomas Rosales, Jr. as Old Man
Carol Sutton as Old Woman
Christopher Berry as Gun-Clinching Man
Cam Perroni as Civilian (uncredited)
Matthew Wolf as Ape Loop Group (voice)
Stephen Apostolina as Ape Loop Group (voice)
Lex Lang as Ape Loop Group (voice)
Paul Pape as Ape Loop Group (voice)
Richard Epcar as Ape Loop Group (voice)
Al Rodrigo as Ape Loop Group (voice)
June Christopher as Ape Loop Group (voice)
Jean Gilpin as Human Loop Group (voice)
Ben Pronsky as Human Loop Group (voice)
David Michie as Human Loop Group (voice)
Kevin Dorman as Human Loop Group (voice)
Richard Cansino as Human Loop Group (voice)
David Berón as Human Loop Group (voice)
Jeff Fischer as Human Loop Group (voice)
Greg Bagila as Human Loop Group (voice)
Hope Levy as Human Loop Group (voice)
Lynnanne Zager as Human Loop Group (voice)
Robert Clotworthy as Human Loop Group (voice)
Hélène Cardona as Human Loop Group (voice)
Popeye Vogelsang as Human Loop Group (voice)

Director: Matt Reeves
Script: Mark Bomback Rick Jaffa Amanda Silver

USA | 130 minutes | 2014

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