Courage of Lassie | 1946 | Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Morgan

Bill’s separated from his litter, making friends with the wild creatures until he’s found and adopted by young Kathie. An accident separates him from her, and he’s drafted into K-9 duty in the trenches until battle fatigue takes its toll and he turns vicious. And even though he finds his way back home, he may be condemned as a killer.

Elizabeth Taylor as Kathie Eleanor Merrick
Frank Morgan as Harry MacBain
Tom Drake as Sergeant Smitty
Selena Royle as Mrs. Merrick
Harry Davenport as Judge Payson
George Cleveland as Old Man
Catherine McLeod as Alice Merrick
Morris Ankrum as Farmer Crews
Pal as Bill
Robert Emmett O’Connor as Deputy (uncredited)
Director: Fred M. Wilcox
US | 92 minutes | 1946